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A Mass movement in western tamilnadu, India towards global environmental sustainability

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Bhavani River originates in the Nilgiris district (Ooty) of western Ghats in Tamil Nadu, India. During monsoon seasons the extensive rainfall in the Ooty ,Coonur and other upper reaches of Nilgiri hills reaches the Pillor dam ( athikadavu ), which is situated in the melur Reserve Forest range of western Ghats and finally the excess or surplus water gets wasted by draining to sea after travelling long and long course . This scheme is about channeling the surplus water from pillor dam during monsoon season to all the high and dry areas of Coimbatore Tirupur and Erode districts of Tamil Nadu, through artificially filling the excess water from the Pillor dam to ponds and lakes through existing streams and artificial channels. which would recharge back the water table from deep 1000 feet to just 50 feet from the ground level. This athikadavu avinashi scheme would bring revolutionary change in the field of agriculture, human livelihood and industries of the western part of the state of tamilnadu.

1. Due to excessive bore well digging and erratic pumping of water by the population, water table in the region has gone down tremendously from 600 to 1500 ft below the level.
2. Taking water from much depth using motor pumps resulted in large consumption of electricity
3. Because water is depleting at a very fast pace, there is an alarming situation that very soon the humans will cause a man made catastrophe by creating an irreversible damage to environment.
4. Farmers, and cattle’s are severely affected leading to the food security of India. Because of fast development of farm lands.

On an average 2 TMC of water is enough for this ground water recharge scheme
1. ATHIKADAVU AVINASHI will bring back water table from 1500 ft to 50 ft from ground level.
2. So 50 lakh people will be benefited in the region.
3. Approximately 48 tanks and 213 smaller ponds will be filled up.
4. ATHIKADAVU AVINASHI scheme benefits an aye cut area of 15000 acres approximately.
5. Drinking water problem in western Tamil Nadu will be solved in areas like Karamadai, Metupalayam, Annur, Avinashi, Puliampatti, Kavilipalayam, Perunduri, and Nambiyur.
6. ATHIKADAVU AVINASHI will stop severe drought like conditions in three districts like coimbatore,Tiruppur and Erode
7. ATHIKADAVU AVINASHI will enormously benefit the population belonging to seven assembly constituencies and five parliamentary constituencies.

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